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This is ReModel Fashion

Magazines, podcasts, social media…your news when and where you want it. There’s no denying that in this decade, information is at your fingertips, heck it’s at your toe tips if you want it bad enough. The problem isn’t the access to information, the problem is the substance of said information. Biases are more prevalent than ever with the safety fall back on the first amendment. I mean really, have you seen those “Karen” videos with their goddamned mask issues in the airport? Who said you can’t afford good in-air entertainment in Economy.

People can spread gossip, stories, and exposes without credentials, and the masses will flock. Exhibit A)., this blog. All industries are suffering from the epidemic; politics, entertainment, education, but most importantly (for me), the fashion industry.

Between the nepo model, the influencer, the small business girly, the boss-babe pyramid schemers, and more, the fashion industry is, for lack of better word, expanding. But as we’ve so disappointingly seen in American history, with expansion comes exclusion, discrimination, and basic lack of human decency.

Growing up the middleman between the busy and beautiful New York City, and the ever-so changing and challenging Philadelphia, there are 2 things that I thought I was sure of: I LOVED fashion and would make it my life, and diversity was no issue in these areas. Politics? Sure. Corporate America? Hell Yes. But Fashion? I later learned through lived experience and lack thereof, that one of those two ideas was WAY OFF. And I’m not talking about my infatuation fashion.

Out of the womb, I was a raging feminist. One of those “radicals” that the Jasons and Chads of the world steer very clear of. In college, the one class I was considered the teacher’s pet, was my Women’s Study’s class. It was during that class that I realized that part of recognizing my privilege as a hetero white female, was making it my responsibility to educate myself and others on the disparities and gaps in the industry I loved so much.

What started as a different Instagram to flood my friends’ and families’ feeds with different outfits and ideas I played around with, I quickly outgrew. This intermittent hobby, was, I realized, my first step to really making a change to this industry. As previously and reluctantly mentioned, I have no credentials other than a Marketing degree and an obsession with image. But I believe that is the point. Authenticity, realness, it all comes at a price to big and all-knowing executives. Loss of brand deals, slamming articles in page six, or more relevant to today, cancelled on the TikTok gossip pages. But me? I just want to get off my ass, call out the discrepancies of the fashion world for anyone interested in listening.

ReModel Fashion is all about perspective. Sharing experiences, providing insight, motivating confidence, and pushing for a more inclusive environment for all the fashion moguls in today’s world. Through blog posts (ranting columns from yours truly), featured articles from the talent of the community (paragraphs of me fangirling unique and beautiful souls of the industry), and a hearty look book (myself obsessing outfit scrapbook), this platform, my platform, is for those like me. Who feel like because they don’t have a piece of paper, or a fancy Linkedin title, that their artistic opinions aren’t valid. They are, let’s share them together.

Consider this my love letter to fashion, with a side of disciplinary action and reform. I hope you join me.

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